Hey, I'm Thiago Carvalho.

I create things for a living. UI/UX Designer + Front-end Developer who works from anywhere.
Yes, I'm a digital nomad :)
Currently I'm working as a freelancer/consultant and I'm still working in some personal projects like Clevertalents.com.


Design is my passion, it has been since I first discovered Photoshop, back when custom pages on MySpace were ‘cool.’ and Flash animations were the peak of a website.

Since then, I have led design teams at several startups, from all over the world. I know what it takes to turn your great ideas into effective web and product design.

Cool is great, but for startups, cool is as cool does—If your design doesn’t take you where you want to go in business, how cool is it, really? You need a process, and a plan to get there, and I’ll create both.

Spending most of my time in low cost countries allows me to provide my customers with the same service as before but at a lower cost (starting at $650 per day for projects with a minimum duration of 10 workdays)


I’m designing new experiences all the time and I’m looking for great new opportunities, get in touch, let me know how your product will solve problems, and why it is exciting, let’s brainstorm it together.

You don’t like filling in forms, right? Don’t worry, contact me directly using my email address.
I will get back to you within 24 hours.